What We’re About

Overcoming Your DUI is a resource for those facing the consequences and attempting to piece back their lives after a DUI.
You can overcome your DUI.
You can survive your DUI.
We are here to help.

Here is my story.

In early 2017, I made the worst decision of my life: I got behind the wheel and drove while intoxicated.  I won’t get into the back story on why I went out that night, who I was with, where I was, etc.  Just know, that it is something I had never done before. It is a decision I regret every day since it happened. And it is something that will never happen again. I put my own life and property at risk, and put others’ lives and property at risk.

Remember – it only takes one time to get caught.  The more you do it, the more risk you have of harming yourself, others and getting caught.  Just don’t do it…trust me.

I set up this site for two reasons. One, as a life lesson in hopes that it will deter people from driving drunk. Two, as a guide to anyone who is currently going through the process of owning up to their DUI. I hope to help you face the consequences and get your life back on track.

This site is not for people with serious drinking problems. If you have serious drinking problems, get help now. You are more likely to fall into this trap again. Worse, you may end up harming yourself or others.

This is a resource for people who don’t have serious drinking problems, but made a mistake. People who are not likely to make this mistake again, as long as they are careful and responsible from this point forward.

Yes, the consequences of your first DUI are severe. But it’s not the end of the world and you can get out of this with your life intact.

After the incident, I found information spotty and contradictory. Part of this is the stigma that comes with a DUI arrest. Another comes from the fact that the government has an incentive to keep information from you. States and municipalities rely on fines and court costs for revenue. Thus, it is on you to be careful and follow all procedures and court orders so that you can get out of the mess you are in.

Here, I chronicle the entire process.  Note that all states and municipalities have their differences in the law, consequences and various nuances with the process.  For context, my offense occurred in Prince William County, Virginia in 2017.  Some of this information will be more helpful for someone facing a Virginia DUI or a Prince William County DUI, but much of the information and recovery story will help anyone attempting to overcome a DUI.  I hope this helps.