Must Have Product: AlcoMate Premium AL7000 Professional Breathalyzer

AlcoMate Premium AL 7000 Professional Breathalyzer

I purchased an AlcoMate Premium AL 7000 Professional Breathalyzer device soon after I was charged with my DUI.  Immediately, I realized that I should have purchased this device YEARS AGO.  In fact, everyone who enjoys a few drinks should own one of these.

I purchased the device as a fail-safe.  I knew (and the state-mandated visit with a professional verified) that I did not have a drinking problem.  I am a human who made a one-time mistake.  I figured I would have a drink again when I felt comfortable.  Of course, I would never, ever get behind the wheel (read scary statistics on second offenders here), but I see nothing wrong with enjoying a moderate amount of alcohol once you are back on your feet, if you don’t have an actual drinking problem and all precautions are in place.

I purchased the device to test myself, mainly for mornings.  Many people receive interlock violations in the morning, not realizing how their body slows down the processing of alcohol when they sleep.  Not only this, but the interlock device, just like any breathalyzer device, is prone to false-positive readings from various products that leave trace amounts of alcohol in one’s mouth: toothpaste, mouthwash, bread and citrus fruits, just to name a few.  I was determined to not let this happen.  Even if you can explain away a false-positive, the fact that you may have to explain it to your case worker can be very stressful.

When I did have a drink again, I decided to break out the device and make a few tests.  It was truly eye opening to see how different amounts of alcohol affected my blood alcohol content (BAC).

A big issue I hear talking to people who have DUI arrests – they didn’t know that they were that intoxicated.  They didn’t feel that intoxicated.  They only had two or three drinks!  But they were pulled over for some reason, ended up over the legal limit, and in jail, their bank accounts bled dry and their lives are effectively on hold for the next year.

I felt the same way the night I was charged.  I readily admit that I had too many to drive.  I accepted the consequences and thank God every day that I did not harm anyone.  But I was not aware just how much over the limit I really was.  The reason is simple: I had never become fully aware as to how my body processes alcohol!

Sure, in high school health class they taught us the age-old formula: one drink makes you intoxicated for one hour, and so on.  However, this simple formula misleads everyone because of the fact that drinks can all be so different!  The formula is based on a perfect 1.5oz shot of 80 proof liquor, 6oz pour of 12.5% ABV wine or a standard 12oz 4.5% ABV beer.  But think about it – many establishments, and certainly most individuals in a non-professional setting do not perfectly measure their pours of liquor or wine.  And beers, especially in the golden age of craft beer, can wildly deviate sizes and ABV.  So that one-drink-per-hour rule?  Toss that out the window now.

My first test was on a Thursday night – I started with a glass of wine on an empty stomach, as I prepared dinner.  I measured the pour – six perfect ounces of bold Malbec goodness.  As dinner finished, I finished my glass and before taking a bite of my steak, I tested my BAC: 0.056.

Yes, after one six-ounce glass of wine, I was more than halfway to being legally drunk!  Now think about that in the context of an after-work happy hour.  You haven’t eaten since lunch, maybe three or four hours ago.  You aren’t quite hungry yet, but you’re getting there.  You decide to go to happy hour and have two glasses of wine.  You don’t want to buy any food, because you have food at home, so you pay your tab and head home, feeling good.

Congratulations, you probably just drove drunk!

There are other factors at play in this as well: your body weight, tolerance, your sex.  Yes, biologically, women do not process alcohol as fast as men and are prone to becoming intoxicated faster.

In any case, I cannot recommend the AlcoMate Premium AL7000 enough.  According to the manufacturer, the device as shipped is good for up to 200 tests or one year, before the sensor must be replaced, at a cost of about $25.  The sensor can also be ordered from Amazon, and can be replaced by the user.

The AlcoMate Premium AL7000 is the same device used by many professionals, including law enforcement, probation officers and the Department of Defense.  This device is legit.  And the fact that it remains relatively affordable around $120 means there really isn’t any excuse not to have one.

I don’t mince words here when I say: this device can save your life, the lives of others and at the very least, can save you from getting a DUI as you learn your true rate of alcohol absorption.  Get it today!

Disclaimer: while this review is 100% from the bottom of my heart, this article contains Amazon Affiliate links.  Believe me when I say, I wish I could afford to buy 100 of these things and hand them out like candy, because I find it to be such an invaluable product.  I do not make a profit off of this site, but if you enjoy my content, and want to purchase this device, purchasing through these links helps offset my webhosting costs.  Any little bit helps.


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