If there is one thing I wish I had when I first pled guilty to my DUI, it is a comprehensive checklist on everything I needed to do after the conviction.

Since I didn’t have one, I decided to document everything along the way, and share it with my fellow Virginians.  So here it is: the comprehensive DUI checklist I would have followed after my DUI in Prince William County, Virginia.

Just a couple of notes; if your attorney advises you, or you feel that your conviction of a DUI or a “wet reckless” charge is imminent, you can pre-enroll in the VASAP program prior to conviction, thus knocking out steps three, four and five early.

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In addition, not all jurisdictions (especially some smaller ones) may have a VASAP representative on site at the court house.  Your paperwork from the could should indicate the designated location to register with VASAP.

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Finally, the obvious disclaimers: your case may be different.  This is a guideline based on a generic first offense DUI in Prince William County, Virginia, not an actual legal requirements document.  The timeline here starts from the minute the judge drops the gavel on your guilty plea (or after release from jail, if applicable).  And of course, this list is as accurate as possible as of 8/9/2017.  I will update it if any errors or omissions are discovered.

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A PDF version of this checklist is available here.

The DUI Conviction Checklist

  • Immediately or as soon as possible after conviction and/or jail release: pay fines and court costs OR set up a payment plan. Note that fines and costs can be deferred for up to 90 days, but eligibility for a restricted driver’s license does not begin until these are paid in full – therefore it is recommended to pay these immediately after being found guilty or after release from jail.
  • Immediately or within seven days of the conviction or release: meet with a VASAP representative either at the court house or at a designated location for post-conviction processing. Prince William County has a VASAP office on the second floor of the general district court, beyond courtroom #5.
    • Review participation agreement
    • Pay or set up a payment plan for the VASAP fees
    • Draft restricted license forms to be approved by a judge (note: VASAP will not even start this process until fines, costs and VASAP fees are paid or a payment plan is in place for both)
    • Review approved interlock installation facilities
    • Set a VASAP intake appointment
  • As scheduled (generally within 2-7 business days after above meeting): attend VASAP intake appointment at the nearest VASAP office
    • Needed at this appointment: court order/referral documents, receipt for fines, court costs and VASAP payment/payment plan
    • Sign consent forms
    • Review case summary
    • Review contact information (it is imperative that your mailing address be up to date and accurate, as VASAP’s primary method of communication is the US Mail)
    • Review participation agreement
    • Participate in medical/mental health/drug/alcohol questionnaire
  • As scheduled (either same day as intake or within 1-7 business days from intake): meet with case manager
    • Take a breathalyzer test
    • Go over which classes and/or interventions are required for the case
    • Review all rules and restrictions of participation in the class and the interlock monitoring period
    • Negotiate a date/time to attend required VASAP classes
    • Indicate selected interlock facility and have case manager send referral
  • Within 2-14 days of case manager appointment: letter is received indicating date/time of VASAP classes
  • Within 14 days of letter: start attending all classes on time
  • Within 48 hours of meeting with case manager: receive call from interlock service provider to schedule installation appointment.
  • Have vehicle taken to the interlock facility for installation
  • Immediately after interlock installation: take interlock installation certificate to VASAP for approval – at this time the restricted license form is signed and sealed and one can drive
  • Continue to attend all VASAP classes and have zero interlock violations
  • After interlock installed and restricted driver’s license signed and sealed: file an FR-44 with the DMV through insurance company – some will allow this to be done online, others may have you call. Depending on your previous record and claims history, some insurance companies will not provide this, and you will be forced to find another insurance company.
  • After interlock installed and restricted driver’s license signed and sealed: pay the $220 license reinstatement fee to the DMV (can be done online)
  • After the DMV has received FR-44 (24 hours after insurance company submits it), interlock and VASAP class enrollment confirmation from VASAP (48 hours after VASAP signs and seals restricted driver’s license form) and reinstatement fee is paid: Go to the DMV for hard-copy license application
    • Bring a proof of residency (such as a passport)
    • Bring approved restricted driver’s license form (green sheet)
    • Fill out application
    • Pay $20 license printing fee
    • DMV will print a temporary license to be carried with the green sheet when driving
    • DMV will mail a hard-copy license to your home address to be carried with the green sheet when driving
  • Bring vehicle to all scheduled interlock recalibration appointments
  • After six months, with no interlock violations, contact case manager to initiate interlock removal process.
  • Once approved by the court, have interlock device removed
  • After 12 months, with no violations, login to DMV account, apply to have licensed replaced with an unrestricted license
    • Pay $20 fee
    • Print temporary license

Congratulations, you are now free!  Go forward, and don’t let it happen again, because this checklist becomes even more onerous.

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